CBD for Improved Mobility and Faster Recovery

Stiff joints stopping you from moving about?
Achy muscles when you get out of bed?
Too much pain after training?
Unrestful nights messing with your focus?
Not enjoying an active life?

ElleVance® SPORTS Performance CBD + CBDA oils and MUSCLE & JOINT Recovery CBD + CBDA balm help you reduce discomfort, enjoy movement and recover faster after exertion.

Our SPORTS Performance CBD + CBDA oil has the right ingredients from our proprietary hemp to help you perform to your limit and recover faster. Vegan, Gluten-free with ZERO THC, this maximum strength oil offers all you need to enjoy your preferred sport.

ElleVance® MUSCLE & JOINT Recovery CBD + CBDA balm delivers the perfect amount of premium hemp ingredients to ease your achy, stiff muscles and joints. Our balm also includes menthol and camphor for an immediate ‘deep-heat’ response.

  • Complete support for an active life
  • High purity Hemp
  • Practical topical pain relief for any needs

You can take 0.5-1mL of our SPORTS Performance oil by mouth, using the graduated syringe we provide, 1 hour before or after exertion. Take with or after food for improved absorption. Alternatively, we recommend taking 0.5mL of SPORTS Performance oil twice daily. Simply apply a thin layer of our MUSCLE & JOINT Recovery balm to the affected area and rub in gently. It will absorb quickly, giving you deep-penetrating relief throughout the day.